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The rite of spring - Frames of a debt not paid, 2016

The play-movie-choreography seeks inspiration in the famous work of Igor Stravinsky to find possible means to disappearing, through which the body in debt is transmuted into another body, free of any debt or charge. The audience follows the erratic path of this group and these bodies in their refusal of efficiency up to their sacrifice on behalf of the potency of a life free of debt. Of a life that will vanish before our own eyes. Not now, but soon. You’ll know when.

The play opened in May of 2016 at Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade in São Paulo. Funded by Lei de Fomento ao Teatro.

Keep out of the reach of children, 2011-2013 

The family reunites at a beach house. The place is taken by heat. The constant lack of cups in this family reunion brings out a forgotten past. Two sisters fight in constant conflict. Among their own hysteria, the other members celebrate the arrival of a new summer.

The play premiered at São Paulo’s Cultural Center and had a season at the Teatro Popular João Caetano, in 2011. It was awarded it the Procultura Prize to tour nationally and participated in important festivals throughout the country. Funded by Lei de Fomento ao Teatro.

Project 85

Episode 2: The face of the man in debt, 2015

EVACUATE! We must evacuate! The earth trembles and, facing such tremors, terrible animals roam our corners. We must leave now! I’m sorry for the death of your father, but it’s imperative that you leave this house as fast as possible. Nothing will come of arguing who gets the keys or the turtle or the porcelain or the room in the back. No need to worry about the debt, for the fire will consume all the papers! The temperature quickly rises and our ideas are in full convulsion. Evacuate! WE MUST EVACUATE!

This episode was created in a partnership between the Brazilian group [pH2]: estado de teatro and the Colombian group La Maldita Vanidad. Funded by Rumos Itaú Cultural.

Keep in a dry and ventilated place, 2009-2012

Three environments unfold onstage, sharing the same conditions: a flooded world. Adapted to the constant water and living in modified everyday places, the characters carry out the duties and survival drills in this world. Between the apathy caused by the flood and the alarm set off by helicopters flying over, these characters build a framework which, although far from the real world, can still affect us and speak to us.

The play premiered at SESC Avenida Paulista, in May 2009. And was part of important festivals throughout the country. Funded by Lei de Fomento ao Teatro.

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