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"Merry crisis and happy new fear"

Graffiti on the streets of Athens


Rodrigo’s furious alter ego performs a dance solo on a sound track of Brazilian pop-songs that are accompanied by a projection of announcements and lyrics on the back wall of the space. Being an untrained dancer, Rodrigo throws his body into the space and in front of the audience, defying all shame. Approaching a state of despair and fury he performs a wild dance based on movements and gestures that evoke celebration, exoticism, the grotesque, the sexual, despair. He sings along politically charged lyrics and dances through the projected names of victims of street violence. Rodrigo’s performance (re)produces a tropic-political climate from a subjective point of view and aims at making the energy of fury palpable.


Conception and Performance: Rodrigo Batista

Guest audio performer: Beatriz Id Limongelli

Text: Rodrigo Batista quoting MC Tati Zaqui, MC Livinho, Aviões do Forró, Banda Vingadora, Marília Mendonça, Banda Sedutora and Marina Lima

Video design: Rodrigo Batista

Sound design: Cainã Vidor and Rodrigo Batista

Light design: Rodrigo Batista

Collaboration in the research about the victims of Brazilian police violence: Paloma Franca Amorim e Ana Carolina Pekny

Advisors: Joachim Robbrecht and Aitana Cordero

Co-production: Centrale Fies in the frame of Live Works Award vol. 6 and Das Theatre Amsterdam.

Ph. Thomas Lenden. Das Theatre

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