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A net is being woven. While Clytemnestra waits for Orestes’ return, Agamemnon conducts the final preparations for Iphigenia’s wedding. Immerse in a cycle of murder and vengeance, the characters celebrate, evoke, curse the past, unaware of the fate that awaits them. When at last the expected son returns, a new order is installed.

The group developed an original dramaturgy in 2010, written from the group’s research of the greek myth of the Oresteia. The homonymous trilogy by Aeschylus was the source to conclude the group’s research on the manifestations of the tragic in the contemporary world. The play premiered at SESC Pinheiros in 2012 and had a season at Cit-Ecum in 2013. Funded by Lei de Fomento ao Teatro.


Directing: Maria Emília Faganello

Text: Catarina São Martinho

Performers: Bruno Caetano, Julia Burnier, Julia Moretti, Leonardo D'Aquino, Paola Lopes, Paula Casimiro and Rodrigo Batista

Video design: Eduardo Azevedo

Light design: Luana Gouveia

Sound design: Francisco Lauridsen

Set-design: Eduardo Azevedo

Costumes: Julio Barga

Advisor: Antônio Araújo

Co-production: Lei de Fomento ao Teatro.

Ph. Eduardo Azevedo

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